Our Enrichment Modules

Every month, your Enrichment Kit will include new content in all three modules.

[1] Social & Emotional Learning 

for Families

Children are the world's greatest resource. Parents are their most powerful influence. Our tools guide families through lessons and activities to strengthen core values and cultivate the inner skills that help kids thrive in any situation.

Download our free getting started with SELF guide.

Traits of Inner Goodness

Developing self-confident kids!

We hand pick a different positive attribute innate in each child to nurture and develop. These are qualities universally recognized as good such as kindness, creativity, integrity, resilience and optimism.

Activities to Cultivate

Reinforce in the real world!

Practical applications to move these concepts from the head to the heart and into one's daily life. Build new habits on strong foundations that help children navigate life's difficult situations and their big feelings with ease and finesse.

Discussion Prompts

Bring family even closer!

There's no more important place to practice these character-building activities than in the family. We give you the tools to get to know your thoughts and feelings while moving your family from conflict to connection. 

[2] Nature Studies & Activities

We move through the seasons and simplify the world of outdoor education. Our fun, open-and-go activities do not require additional planning yet allow you to engage with your neighborhood nature in an easy format.

Parent Guide

Become a nature expert!

Each month, we provide you with a short parent guide that introduces a new element in nature, complete with graphics, fun facts and ways to apply what you've learned together. Download our free Getting Started with Nature Studies Guide!

Fun Activities

Engage and come alive!

We take you through seasons and ecosystems and bring you activities to engage and experience experience the living world around you. Learn to attune your five senses and gain an appreciation for nature without complicated preparation!

Nature Journaling

Unleash their creativity!

No experience necessary! We give you four different activities to bring with you as you engage nature anywhere. From your front yard to any wild space, each journaling activity takes about 30 minutes and we provide simple steps and fresh ideas so you don't need to worry about pre-planning!

[3] Nutrition & Cooking

Most of us want to feed our children and ourselves so we are set up for success both physically and mentally, but don't know what to do. Let our Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist show your family the way!

Simple Nutrition Concepts

Learn the basics!

Our kid-friendly nutrition lessons help families learn basic concepts in a way that motivates everyone to want to make healthy choices. Begin to understand how and why certain foods can make everyone feel even more full of life!

Ideas and Practices

Follow our guides!

Each lesson comes with a Food Focus and special challenges to easily begin integrating these new concepts into your routine. Everything is broken down into 'digestible' steps to keep things fun and do-able!

Two Delicious Recipes

Prepare Simple Meals!

Put what you learned into practice and learn to love eating more richly! Follow our simple, family-friendly recipes and enjoy both new dishes and family favorites with a new, flavorful twist! Eat Enriched all throughout the year.

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  • Tips and tools to begin a nature study
  • Ideas and best practices for what to do in nature
  • How to do a nature journal from anywhere!