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English Language-Arts Standards

I Can Statement


Literature | RL.5.1

I can accurately quote from a fiction text when I am explaining what it says. I can accurately quote from a fiction text to support inferences that I have made.

Literature | RL.5.2

I can determine the theme of a fiction text by thinking about the details in the text. I can explain how the speaker in a poem reflects upon a topic when discussing the the me of the poem. I can summarize a fiction text in my own words.

Literature | RL.5.3

I can compare and contrast characters, setting or events using details in the text to support my comparison.

Literature | RL.5.4

I can determine the meanings of words and phrases an author uses.

Literature | RL.5.9

I can compare and contrast similar themes or topics in stories from the same fiction genre.

Informational Text | RI.5.1

I can accurately quote from informational text when I am explaining what it says. I can accurately quote from informational text to support inferences that I have made.

Informational Text | RI.5.2

I can determine two or more main ideas in informational texts. I can explain how the main ideas in informational texts are supported by the details in the text. I can summarize informational texts I have read.

Informational Text | RI.5.9

I can use information from several different informational texts on the same topic to help me write or speak with knowledge about the topic.

Writing | W.5.1

Writing | W.5.4

I can write to share my opinion on topics or texts and provide reasons and information to support that opinion. I can produce clear writing with appropriate development and organization to suit my task, purpose and audience.

Writing | W.5.2

I can write to inform/explain topics or ideas to others clearly.

Writing | W.5.3

I can write stories with good technique, detailed descriptions and a clear sequence.

Writing | W.5.7

Writing | W.5.8

Writing | W.5.9

I can conduct short research projects to help me learn about topics through investigation. I can recall what I have learned or find new information from books or technology to help me with my research. I can gather evidence from fiction or informational text to support my investigation, thinking and research.

Speaking/Listening | SL.5.1

Speaking/Listening | SL.5.2

Speaking/Listening | SL.5.3

Speaking/Listening | SL.5.4

Speaking/Listening | SL.5.6

I can effectively participate in different types of discussions and with different people about 5th grade topics and texts. I can summarize text that is read aloud or information that is presented to me. I can summarize the points a speaker makes and explain the speaker's reasons and evidence for those points. I can report on a topic or present my opinion logically using appropriate facts and details to support my main idea. I can speak clearly and at an appropriate pace when I give a report or share my opinion. I can change the way I am speaking (informal or formal) depending on the task and situation.

Science Standards

I Can Statement


Life Science | 5-LS1-1

Physical Science  | 5-PS3-1

I can talk about how plants get most of what they need to grow from air and water. I can explain that energy in food was once energy from the sun.

Life Science | 5-LS2-1

I can create a model that shows how matter moves among plants, animals, decomposers, and the environment.

Earth Science | 5-ESS2-1

I can create a model that shows the relationships between the geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere.

Earth Science | 5-ESS3-1

I can talk about ways that communities use science ideas to protect the Earth's resources and environment.

3-5 ETS1-2

I can evaluate possible solutions to a problem when presented with more than one solution. I can discuss which solution would work best and tell you why.




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